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Character Traits and Precise Preps!

My husband used to be a farmer and when we visited his family farm after lockdown, I had a go at driving the tractor to help with the flat rolling. I was alright for a beginner but didn't get perfectly straight lines of even width (which was fine, it did the job!!) but it made me realise how precise I'm used to working in dentistry.

Did you know that in some dental procedures, dentists work to the accuracy of 0.01mm? We consider aspects such as the type of dental material we want to use, the amount of enamel present on the tooth, and the design of restoration we are planning. Did you know that there is a different design of tooth preparation depending on the type of material we're using? This means that the crown prep for a gold crown is different to the prep for a tooth coloured / ceramic crown. Below are some different designs of preparation for gold restorations. We use putty stents to help us see how much reduction we have done.

As a dentist, I have a tendency to be a bit pedantic about things. I like to be very specific and precise when working to such a high degree of accuracy. Slightly different character traits to my very laid back, easy going husband! What character traits do you show, that help you in your work?

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