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Facial Aesthetics 

Fine lines & Wrinkles

Have you noticed fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear?


Are you worried about finding more each time you look in the mirror?

As we age our skin loses its hydration and becomes less flexible leading to the formation of wrinkles, fortunately there are a multitude of options to help diminish the signs of premature ageing. We currently offer a wide range of treatments that will help to preserve a youthful appearance whilst restoring your confidence.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are the most popular anti-ageing treatment, thanks to the safe, effective results that can be achieved with minimal downtime. They are a go to treatment for anyone looking to soften expression lines and prevent worsening wrinkles. Anti-Wrinkle Treatments don’t have to mean ‘frozen face’, at Wessex House we will always discuss the best treatment options for you to help you achieve subtle and natural results.

Our practitioners will discuss simple, naturally enhancing treatment options with you to achieve visible results that will leave you looking radiant aiming to reduce:

· Fine lines and wrinkles

· Neck bands and décolletage lines

· Gummy smiles

· Wide jaws/jaw pain

· Excessive sweating

Our 3-step Experience


Every treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation with one of our Facial Aesthetic Practitioners. We take our time to listen to your concerns, discover what changes you would like to make and discuss all suitable treatment options. Finally, we come up with an individual treatment plan to meet your exact needs and requirements.


Our ethos at Wessex House Dental Practice is to provide the highest standards of patient centered care, we deliver this by keeping your comfort and safety at the forefront of our minds with our commitment to evidence based practice and continued education. We only use high quality products to ensure long-lasting, natural results.


Your treatment journey does not stop after the final treatment has been carried out, at Wessex House we provide follow-up appointments, aftercare and maintenance planning to ensure a seamless experience with long-lasting results you’ll be delighted with.

There are the many ways that we can help restore your confidence with our bespoke treatments. For a no-obligation consultation to discuss your best course of treatment with Dr Maisie Harper or Dr Camilla Llewellyn, please contact Reception at Wessex House Dental.

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