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Facial Aesthetics 

Our Practitioners

Dr Maisie Harper

Dr Harper has a real passion for Aesthetic Injectable Treatments. She trained under the award winning Dr Sheila Nuygen completing her ‘Elevate Injectables Mentoring for Dentists’ program, where she was able to gain an insight into the nuances of treatment and how to create a bespoke plan tailored to a patients needs.

Dr Harper will be offering a range of services focusing on full face Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and Dermal Fillers for structural rejuvenation and beautification. The aim of her treatments is always to provide safe, predictable and highly aesthetic outcomes.

Dr Harper will be offering patient centred consultations where all options will be discussed leading to the best possible outcome, with your permission she will also be discussing cases with Dr Sheila regularly so you will have the eyes of a Harley Street Clinician looking over your treatment plans.

For more information please contact Reception at Wessex House Dental to have a pre-consultation email sent to you and book your free initial consultation.


Dr Camilla Llewellyn

Dr Llewellyn completed her ‘Facial Aesthetics for Medical Professionals’ training under the watchful eye of award winning Dr Harminder Singh, Dr Llewellyn’s aim is to provide safe and comfortable treatments to all of her patients. She has an expert knowledge of anatomy and is able to minimise procedural risks because of this.

Dr Llewellyn’s areas of special interest are upper face anti-wrinkle injections and lip fillers, being able to carry these out with high proficiency.

Contact us for a free initial facial aesthetics consultation with Dr Camilla Llewellyn or Dr Maisie Harper

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